Let me make it clear on how to replace the hookup forsoftub that is light

Let me make it clear on how to replace the hookup forsoftub that is light

To higher assist our clients, we have built a set of probably the most frequently expected concerns by brand brand new bath bath tub owners. For those who have a concern perhaps not covered right here, please give us a call at 800-996-TUBS (8827) so we’ll be pleased to assist! You might also install the entire document as a pdf if you like by pressing below:

I simply received my bath bath tub. Just how long will the chemical kit final?

The chemical substances into the kit will up be used chat hour at different prices. Based on your bath bath tub size and use, the chlorine that is granular everything you are planning to utilize the the majority of and really should last more or less 1-2 months. The pH Up and pH Down can simply last as much as a year that is full. Based on your water supply, the Softcare Gon (steel & scale remover) should endure about 2 months. As soon as your Softub Spa FrogВ® mineral purifier is exposed to water, it is active for four months just. Then it can no further oxidize contaminants and needs to be changed. Your test strips should last 3-4 months while you must be testing your water a maximum of 1-2 times per week until you are taking care of a water stability problem.

Why can not I have my filter down?

Ensure that your tub water is heated before trying to eliminate your filter since this makes the cuff that is plastic more flexible. Feel round the cuff of one’s filter and soon you find the notch after which align that notch because of the ‘3 o’clock’ position. Push/pull the filter towards the ‘9 o’clock’ position and it also should be removed. Before placing your filter on, soak it in your hot bath bath tub or even a bucket of warm water for a few moments since this could make the cuff that is plastic pliable.