‘we has been a Kpop idol but i am glad we stop’

‘we has been a Kpop idol but i am glad we stop’

Attaining popularity being A k-pop celebrity involves several years of interval training, and often some plastic cosmetic surgery. Euodias is among the few Uk hopefuls to possess skilled the gruelling life of A k-pop trainee. right Here she defines exactly just just what it had been like, and describes why – after being chosen for a lady team – she quit.

I became a son or daughter whenever I made the major move from my house within the north-east of England to Southern Korea, where We taught for two years in order to become a star that is k-pop.

During the time K-pop was largely unknown in Britain. But i am half-Korean and half-Chinese, and so I started viewing South Korean television dramas like Boys Over Flowers and Playful Kiss – after which fell deeply in love with K-pop in addition to entire tradition.

While my classmates had been in love with Britney Spears together with Backstreet Boys, I happened to be additionally listening to Wonder Girls and B2ST.

My burning aspiration would be to become a star and perform.

A proven way to do that in Southern Korea is always to be an “idol”, which means that an individual who does every thing: model, act, sing and dance.