Biodegradable packaging tape
Biodegradable packaging tape

Principles of biodegradable tape

Biodegradable packaging tape, the adhesive tape comprises an adhesive tape seat, and an adhesive tape body penetrating through the adhesive tape seat, wherein the adhesive tape body is formed by laminating a base material layer and an adhesive layer.

The base material layer is a polylactic acid film; the bottom surface of the base material layer is connected with an adhesive layer through an adhesive groove; two sides of the adhesive layer are respectively connected with a waterproof layer;

The Biodegradable packaging tape body is spirally wound, around the outer side of the fiber plastic cylinder; the degradable polylactic acid adhesive tape disclosed by the utility model has biodegradability; waste post-compost treatment, the Biodegradable packaging tape material can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide in a natural environment.

The degradable adhesive tape does not threaten the environment, is low in toxicity and beneficial to environmental protection, is provided with the waterproof layer, and is wider in application range, the adhesive tape seat is arranged on the outer side of the degradable adhesive tape, and the antibacterial particle layer is connected to the inner wall of the adhesive tape seat, so that degradation conditions can be effectively reduced, and the degradable adhesive tape is longer in storage time and longer in service life.

The application of Biodegradable packaging tape

The biodegradable modified polylactic acid adhesive tape takes polylactic acid (PLA), poly(butylene succinate adipate) (PBSA), nano-crystalline cellulose and thermoplastic starch (TPS) as substrates, and takes modified acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive as an adhesive; the substrate layer is arranged as a nontoxic and pollution-free mixed degradable material layer; a modified high temperature-resisting pressure-sensitive adhesive is arranged as an adhesive agent.

The biodegradable modified polylactic acid adhesive tape is reasonable in material selection, is safe and environment-friendly, can meet the requirements for peeling strength and viscosity of the adhesive tape, has an excellent biodegradability, can be degraded into water and carbon dioxide under the effect of microorganism and has an excellent application prospect at various aspects.