Advantages of our polylactic acid products

our polylactic acid products

General purpose: Products produced from biodegradants can be biodegraded in landfills and aerobic environments. Our biodegradants can be used on PE, PP, PS. PET and most plastic materials.

Technology: When a product produced with a biodegradation agent is placed in the environment of an organism, it hydrolyzes and separates the polymer molecular chain, which reduces the molecular weight of the polymer, and is easily digested by microorganisms. Secondly, our biodegradants can attract 600 different microorganisms to consume polymer products

Features: Products added with our biodegradants maintain their original material characteristics and performance without affecting tensile strength or shelf life.

Safety: Biodegradants use 100% food-grade safe materials.

Easy to operate: No need to change processing equipment, just add 2-4% additive by proportion in production.

Benefits: Our marketing model is to help you save costs and increase product value.

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