Use It: Secret Functions Clue Period Tracker Application For Tablets That Nobody Knows | 2021.

The app provides a nice overview for each day of the cycle, with an Instagram-stories-like slideshow about what’s normal for discharge, mood changes, and chance of pregnancy. You can track a variety of variables with more nuance than Clue, like if you’re sick or are feeling frisky, and there’s more of an emphasis on vaginal discharge. Maggie Delano, a quantified self scholar and PhD candidate at MIT, had an experience similar to mine.

Instead of wondering which phase you might be in, and what you need to remember about each phase, the app will notify you when you’ve entered a new phase and tell you everything you need to know about why you are amazing that week. Know when it’s coming and make sure it’s happening regularly, know when you’re fertile, and track when you’re having sex – all the basics. We never sell or share your data, with Facebook or any other third party. I’ve developed a new system to help you find your FLO and resolve the confusion, mystery, and overwhelm out of navigating your 28-day cycle in every area of your life.

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The app is simple, offers some great reminders, tracks every symptom imaginable, and offers a great online community that is chock full of health information. Additionally, the app partners with Oxford, Stanford, and Columbia medical facilities to bring the latest scientific information on menstruation to its viewers. It’s smart, simple and free to use unless you opt-in for the premium version for only $.99 a month. The calendar will help you to know precisely the day X without tense apprehension.

For instance, some information, stripped of any personal identifiers, may be shared with researchers working on female reproductive health. Also in line with Flo’s ad sharing, some information provided to Clue could be shared with ad companies to target new users. Ultimately, Clue stresses that any data being provided to a third party is solely to improve the app usage and never for the third party’s use.

Day 21, Tuesday

I won’t dwell on my inability to sync my other apps to Clue, but I will give pause to a few missing features. In particular, while I can manually add in whether or not I took a supplement to Clue’s daily tracking calendar, I wish I could get more detailed correlation data from it. For example, if I’m taking Vitamin B3 , am I more likely to flush during my luteal phase? Is evening primrose oil actually helping with tender breasts over time?

  • Discover trends in your cycle by logging your moods and symptoms and view your health data in eye-catching charts.
  • Getting in sync with your cycle doesn’t just make you healthier.
  • – your honest and edgy menstrual encyclopedia with answers to all of your period and sex questions.
  • Users were representative of more than 180 countries.
  • Your menstrual cycle is a key indicator of overall health.
  • “Those are best practices that can better secure your data,” Rerecich says.
  • If you are new for your monthly stream , then the idea of monitoring your period within a program may be somewhat intimidating.

How To: Important Tricks On Carousell App On Android That Nobody Knows (Updated).

Despite asking for a receipt of transfer, the scammer never provided any and hasn’t replied since. Out of the three buyers, one received hers after two weeks while another had been promised a refund because her parcel was “returned”. Upon receiving the returned mail, the swindler ripped it open to find the romper stained! Yes, that loser had been making use of a third party’s bank account to receive funds because she obviously knew that it’d be too risky if she used her own bank account. She avoided using anything that would suggest her identity.

I transferred $70 to her for a hooded jacket since first July 2018. I will ask Carousell admin if they can help me locate other buyers for the same item. So I am not sure if without that , Carousell admin can locate the buyers. Just wanted to know how did you trace the account owner based on the account? I think I was just scammed on Carousell and the seller is using savings account.


Do note that once an item is marked as “Sold”, you cannot edit it, so only hit that button when the item is no longer available. If you have more than one piece in stock, remember to select ‘Business Mode’ when listing the item so it remains available for sale. Choose your preferred deal method and enable CarouPay to allow buyers to complete the deal instantly. Use the in-built photo editor to adjust the colour, tone, brightness, contrast, sharpness or orientation of an image, and to add filters.

  • We’re on a mission to inspire everyone in the world to start selling.
  • You can add your own server-side script and edit your form with Code Editor extension.
  • Still wondering if these two Facebook ads types really work?
  • Small Bug Fix to fix a conflict with the ‘Photonic Gallery & Lightbox’ plugin.
  • It’s not possible to change the images of carousel posts after they’ve been uploaded.
  • The number of second-hand sellers on Shopee is also starting to grow.

Neiman Marcus created similar carousel ads on Facebook. One of the worst things you can do with carousel ads is not use the customisation options to their fullest potential. I immediately lose interest if I see an ad Download Carousell APK for Android with multiple slides and images, but only a single headline shared amongst all of them. It feels like there just wasn’t enough good things to say. Use the description and the slide headlines to make your products appealing.


For many marketers, carousel ads are most useful at the consideration and conversion stages of the funnel. Taking advantage of the header text in the ad and the text on each carousel card is smart. You should have some copy in your ad, just keep in mind that there’s a lot going on in carousel ads. Starting with carousel ads this way is the best approach for methodically implementing a new ad type and it can work if you’re starting out with other ad types as well. However, you should move your carousel ads into their own campaign once you’ve got enough data to verify they work better than your other ads . When you first create your carousel ads, it’s best to put them in the same campaign as your other ad types.