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I want to swap the butterfly agitator at the end of one blender. How do you repeat this.

I want to swap the butterfly agitator at the end of one blender. How do you repeat this.

Hi, We have a Hamilton seaside No. 18 Malt Mixer. I need to swap the string. Can individuals show me personally on exactly how to accomplish this? Any facilitate was cherished. Thanks so much!

I want to locate pieces for a number 30 Hamilton seaside drinkmaster

I just determine a Hamilton seashore model 25 how can I take out the beater for cleaning?

Close website. We have a product 8 and need to change the wire. Could I get it done me or do I need to bring it in? Will it be tough to accomplish? Thanks

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Unless the close with energy belongings, I would personally probably look for an individual in the area that will substitute stuff like that. May try a couple of your traditional storehouse and perhaps a hardware store. They could be capable of point you within the suitable direction.

Some resources for those that are searching for how old a unit is. Mine happens to be a model 17 with a patent meeting of 4-17-23.

Many thanks everybody else for your help and advice, simply acquired a model #18 HB mixer and looking for the support i could get. Cheers to every !

Simply acquired a malt blender today at an old-fashioned series. The guy just who markets them refurbishes these people, as needed. They knows these models, when you need restoration, phone your. Malt Mixer Man is definitely his facebook or twitter webpage, or e-mail him or her at

You will find a Hamilton no 25 milkshake blender it’s cream color partner compensated 10 money for it

We have simply finished a complete circuit amd washing to a Hamilton shore Arnold #17 Malted device with letters patent schedules 1923, 1927.