Birds, Bees, and Clarkies: SAFE’s Hookup Community Talk

Birds, Bees, and Clarkies: SAFE’s Hookup Community Talk

Pupils discuss hookup tradition around campus

Editor’s Note: as a result of the nature regarding the subjects discussed at the function, all individuals have already been held anonymous.

The UC’s Lurie Conference room looked as welcoming as ever when it hosted the “Trick or Treat: Hookup Culture” event this past Thursday with the conference tables pushed to the back, blankets and pillows spread out in a circle, and sweet treats up for the taking. Put up by Students Advocating for Feminism and Empowerment (SAFE), and attended by students of all of the genders, the safe-space social featured discussion for the university relationship tradition at Clark, in addition to its psychological and social impacts on individuals and nonparticipants.

After some quick introductions and the opportunity at candy, the meeting quickly shot to popularity as attendees got the opportunity to jot down relationship-related concerns to steer in which the conversation would get. Reading removed from one of these, the very first subject of conversation had been chosen: “ What are Clark pupils’ attitudes towards intercourse and hookups? Just how much starting up do we think really continues?” On offer in the group, responses ranged from, “a lot” and “a decent amount,” to “less than everybody else thinks.”

“I feel want it has a great deal to do with exactly how individuals individually view ‘hookup’ as,” offered one attendee, describing that she thought that it is based completely from the individual.