iMovie tutorial for the video essay

hello I’m gonna do a super quick tutorial on iMovie it’s kind of an emergency situation for my online writing class I’m gonna use ScreenFlow and there’s going to be a watermark on my work today but I think hopefully you’ll still be able to see what I’m up to so I’m opening iMovie my students have to make a video essay I’m gonna go up to the top and hit new it’s a new project I don’t want people to choose trailer I want them to choose movie so I’m clicking on movie no theme I’m gonna call this video essay tutorial and so here are some of those and this stuff doesn’t go together it’s not actually gonna work as a video essay but you’ll see how to do things so I’m gonna click and drag on the part of this video that I want and I’m going to drag that down into the timeline and then let me do one more image here’s my wife’s birthday party I’m gonna throw that on there so the things that really have to get done I have to use some images or pictures and over here on the left I can do titles transitions sound effects etc let’s do a real quick title I’ll pick this lower third title here I can drag that down I can make that longer or shorter and so let’s change that I click on the title I click on a little screen in the upper right and I’m gonna call that the Asheville Boop energy power plant and so if I wanted then I should be able to shorten this video so it matches up there we go now it’s working you know I can change the length of my video I can turn volume up and down right here and then the last thing you really need to be able to do to do this assignment is to record voice over so we’re doing a video essay though and I don’t want to talk while I’m looking at that so I’m gonna add another title here that I’m actually not gonna use and I’m gonna drag it out extra far and I’m gonna record my video essay here and I haven’t actually written a video essay but I go to window record voiceover and then this little record button here it’s gonna count me down and so now this would be where I’m recording my video essay I haven’t actually written a video essay and so I’m kind of wondering what to say and so let’s listen to my essay and I can I can turn that way down here it is soft or I can turn that way up this would be where I’m recording my video essay and so let’s say that you know I come over here to the Duke Energy plant and I’m gonna move this over so it starts right with my voice and if I needed to I could adjust the video to go out with the sound or I could adjust the sound to match with the video so there’s obviously a lot more you could do to make your video essay but I think this will get you started with the basics thanks for watching

How To Write a Thesis in Five Days

however the thesis in five days a video counted not in parts but in days decent step prep one get a roommate pieces prep step to get roommate invested in your success thesis prep step three make sure roommate knows you very well preferably of the sentence finishing variety preferably you already have a lovesong variety preferably your stuffed animals are starting to fall in love variety final thesis preparation step acquire some books from your library or whatever from your bookshelf and scatter them around you make it look like you’re doing work maybe even read them who knows but get some books let’s get down to business day one intervention Emma your thesis is due in five days get off youtube you need to start reading it now fine The Roommate has now become an integral part of your thesis approach you must like them enough to not want to disappoint them but you should probably also be a little bit scared of them day one is also when you present your roommate with a list of small reasonable goals here’s my list of small realistic goals then your roommate can hold you accountable also Institute rewards things that you really value for me it was stars more stars and food the first chunk of writing that I did intensively was rewarded with half of a fruit cart that was very satisfying and quite a good motivator if you really like stars or other sort of artsy things it’s really great to recruit an art major as your roommate told you I did some thinking day two it’s time to write like the dickens I don’t really know what the Dickens is but it’s time to write like them hmm write everything just keep going keep typing any thoughts all thoughts any little inkling of a thought put it down getting distracted on the computer going on the internet turn off the internet Julia did you change the internet password guess I got to keep writing my thesis day three continue writing also start drinking something caffeinated in my case this thesis was fueled almost entirely by tea yes perfect nice and lukewarm start investing in those caffeinated drinks and start drinking them on day three and this should be a no-brainer you gotta just keep writing just keep on writing keep writing those words and those gold stars will keep accumulating just keep on truckin Dave for the days passed and I continued to accumulate gold stars this is key keep accumulating keep feeling good about yourself day five things continue to get a little crazy but then miraculously it was over all thanks to a little preparation and a lot of motivation last week on Facebook my status said how’s your thesis going Emma I started a blog this week my facebook status can say how’s that vlog Aoyama well I wrote a thesis and so for lack of a better ending the end I’ll see some of you in real life I’m gonna plan a canal at an aha it’s a the back and forward to be finished job okay mr. bean is a finisher yeah that’s it I wrote a thesis yeah

Writing a 5 Page Research Essay in 1 Night! (+ A Secret Grammar Trick)

hey everyone welcome back to my channel and today is March 9th it’s a Thursday and this vlog is going to be specifically my journey of writing a five page paper that’s due tomorrow I usually try not to procrastinate and this is a really situation of procrastination but I was just serviced this week I had a draft for different paper due today in like an hour by hour to finish that I cost all this morning it’s 12 o’clock reading outside of class sophomore yesterday I had a final presentation so the couple days before that I was working on my final presentation and then I had homework for another class so it’s just a lot of like hectic stuff that happens and we only got be like official prompt of this paper last week I’ve only had a week to do it it’s not like something super crazy but I know I can like turn out in one day so I’m it’s like show you the journey beyond just sometimes it does happen it’s not that you want to procrastinate but sometimes you just are really busy in college because you have other assignments that are like lined up like obviously I had a paper like of drafty today so I had to work on that paper instead of working on the paper that’s due tomorrow so it just happens but I’m going to show you my journey and it starts with guys cons class and now I’m having lunch at my three house I’ve been like a little nook area and today is burrito bar day so I mean my room I don’t eat upstairs because I just wanted to like relax a little and be antisocial so I’m gonna watch the season finale of America’s Next Top Model about loaded and then look at this you guys I have a nice bowl with chips and then we have some chicken to fish some lettuce lots of block corns pico cheese some eat this and enjoy and then we’ll get to the paper writing everyone okay like funky really wanted six on the shades so weird that was over now we’re going to be using collaborative research for our paper no go realistic more importantly our professor and our GA wants like hard copy like books like physical books from the library of some sources so we have a couple of those probably get like two this will be good on this but here we are at the music library me show you I showed you this in a previous vlog as well we had our lock pixels cosplay advertiser here and then I have two of my lectures on this one or this lecture hall head over here showing her a call and I will not spell it Schomberg a library entrance is play so getting down and dirty old fashioned getting information from books pieces library oh yeah all right we’re on it so you saw the last clip of me study and not studying the library doing research so I got one full page of research like singles we felt really good so now I’m going to my class for an hour discussion and then I’m done class for that meant get ready I’m definitely in need of an athlete on the fatigue right now it’ll very very long a long holidays like I said a super-busy right off condition all right so I finished with class and then I went to my 3 oz for like an hour I’m tracks when I grab some stuff the pink meeting up this 19 campus team going to lean them in a good meeting and recapping our event on Tuesday which is great but look at how gorgeous your fun side is looking right now yes PCL is playing right penny time uni and I vlog that I’m there right everyone so I’m sorry I forgot to vlog at my pink meeting but I’m home now at DG and I’m doing some research or update more research before Yom Kippur we have to look for YouTube interview so I’m watching some of these and I’m going to write some song now is this up or analyzing some songs and I’m like every out-of-focus amazing but yeah got a little reach there but I can’t we’re completely out of focus there you go Oh district lie a lot I wish stretch doesn’t just like its trunk announcement amazing they have some nice finishes research in my bed and I’m gonna go ahead and head upstairs and do some writing and stuff like that so alright so I contact that because they weren’t flying eyes but English I’m downstairs now and I’m still working on my paper and I finished one turn the brightness down sounds crazy okay but I finish all the research forms so I have the different articles and novels and CDs and stuff cited researched it up like the source and then like the notes I took from it that I want to use I’ve all that ready and now it’s time to actually write my paper but it’s 10:20 now and I’m going to take a little break and respond to some emails just to cut up the work a little niceness all the research you might bring a little break and answer some emails like a lot of emails sometimes from you guys which is cool but mostly business school related things like that so I have to answer them but I wanted to show you guys something super cool that I actually utilized now and it’s the system school I’m really Orange right now but the line is just really funky but it’s the system called grammarly and it’s super super cool and basically a like spellcheck and programmer program or extension that you can have on your browser okay so I say like I’m writing this email and I wrote the sentence and it’s just like my name is Anita I wanted to reach out to you all to tell you about a great so I applied this was great the extension the Chrome extension automatically like shows you you have two mistakes in this email and one of them being is great so after you hover over it then oh let’s solve it great and then it changes it and it even knows things like params say like grammarly and then I can capitalize it like that so it’s really easy like pixel things and then I like search your email and then once you have the all clear gee that means everything is good in regards to choose grammar and spelling so this is a completely free extension so all you have to do is go to gramley and you can download the extension or like add it to Chrome so here it is it just exists and right now so yeah so it’s gramley for Chrome it can check grammar and spelling for mail and other like applications and then what’s really cool is you can like make a new document and say like I’m writing this in word basically I’m going to copy and then paste this over to my grammar li page and then it will go ahead and check to see stand checking and then I will say there are seven advanced issues which are not included in like the free trial basically you have to pay more to get like the advanced grammar features on it but I mean this is like basically good for app so it’s great if you really care about making sure your grammar is correct and learning from it because it not only tells you what’s wrong is like the thing is with Microsoft Word it will say like we find something a hit like something’s a fragment but it will never fix it like it won’t tell you how to fix it while grammar actually does so it’s kind of cool but yes and if you have the premium version you can like install it automatically into like Microsoft Word or whatever you’re processing like word processing system is so grammerly is a part of it right now I have like the classic word spell check and grammar check which sometimes is inaccurate you see it so if I have a lot of like mistakes and stuff in here all right but with that I’m going to go ahead and answer a couple emails and do that a little bit and then we’ll get on to paper writing all right everyone so update it’s been about an hour later and I finished about half my paper so it’s been about three and a half or two and a half pages we’re almost over three pages and it’s a fourth page paper so we’re getting there it’s going good so keeping you all posted all right so time for another hourly update it’s currently at 12:30 another hour in and I’m just doing my conclusion paragraph so we’re almost done and then I’m going to go ahead and sleep on it and proofread it tomorrow and then maybe run it through grammerly just to see if it can catch anything that microsoft word did it in regards to grammar not necessarily spelling and then I’ll go ahead and submit it tomorrow two o’clock that looks going to finish this up and then I’ll wrap up the vlog all right so it’s 1248 and we are officially finished look at this beauty oh yeah so I’m just going to ahead and wake up early tomorrow he’ll proofread it make sure it’s all good once my mind is like clear and I have all this dizzy gillespie out of my head but yeah I hope y’all enjoyed this vlog way it was helpful enjoying some tips and tricks and just showing me that it is possible to get things done in a crunch when you need to know especially it was like platforms like grammarly I think it’s really cool and I doesn’t want to try the premium sometime because my grammar is pretty bad when it comes to essay writing and more like the person view all my thoughts out so Kelvin is a much better like paper writer so he’s still working on his butt alright thank you all so much for watching it’s fishing for trout walk and I’ll talk to you then bye 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